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K2 EMF Meter & IR Flood Illuminator

Was: $118.90
Now: $99.90

Deluxe K2 EMF Meter w/Constant on/off Switch

Why the K-II is the EMF meter you should buy:

1. Proven to work! Read the Testimonials at the bottom of this page!

2. Comes with a brand new  Eveready 9V battery, that will last for a very long time (3-6 months of frequent use - 12 months of normal use).

3. Durable = Hard durable plastic case that withstands rain and dropping on hard surfaces. It is virtually unbreakable! It will keep on working!

4. Easy to read in the dark! Led lights light up in different colors tells you the strength of the EMFs! The led lights are so easy to read. You can't miss the paranormal spikes since the lights suddenly flash. Much easier to read then other meters with digital readings or needles.

5. YOU CAN VIEW THE READINGS FROM FAR AWAY (as seen on GHOST HUNTERS). This is only possible with an EMF meter with led lights as large and clear as this meter.

6. Easy to use!

7. Easy to carry with you in your pocket or purse! Fits in your hand and weighs only 3.5 oz!

8. The meter is noiseless, so it does not interfere with your investigation.

9. Comes with instructions for use for Paranormal Research and instructions for every-day EMF tracking use (such as checking for potential harmful man-made sources of EMF from cellular phones and around your home or work environment).

10. Accurate readings.

Operational instructions in brief:

5 led lights that notifies you of different levels of Electro Magnetic Fields. The led lights makes it easy to use the meter in the dark. Man made EMFs will stay steady. Paranormal activity will produce continuous spiking of the meter (a spirit emits a pulsating electromagnetic field). As soon as the meter goes to the 2nd light you have a higher than normal field of electromagneticity. EMFs are always around us. We emit a small field. This meter will only alert you when you have a field that is worth noticing. That is when it is higher than normal. Typically spirits will cause the meter to go all the way up to the highest level and make the meter flash (spiking).

Simply push the center button to activate meter when you feel you are in the presence of a field. Click the button again to turn it off.

K-II is the Preferred EMF meter by Paranormal researchers all over the world. Among them are Dr. Harry Stafford (known from several Discovery Channel Programs on ghosts and Director of Haunted St. Augustine - an ongoing Paranormal Investigation of St. Augustine) and Emilio San Martin of Haunted Orlando (recorded the Ghost Detectives on Discovery Channel with Dr. Andrew Nichols from American Institute of Parapsychology), and Chris Fleming, well-known psychic and from the TV show "Dead Famous".


Phantom Lite UV Ultraviolet Illuminator

25 Uv LEDs with a distance of about 40 ft. Custom designed and hand built!

25 LEDs

40 ft distance

9v battery powered

Tripod adapter included

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